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You Have to Try These Hidden Delights from Dennys Menu

Dennys may be one of the chains you think of for a classic American breakfast. Since its 1953 founding in California as “Danny’s Donuts,” the iconic zigzag-shaped roof has expanded to almost 1,500 U.S. locations and hundreds of franchises in Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the UK.

You’ve probably had family breakfasts or hungover brunches at America’s Diner. You’ve probably had Dennys Grand Slamwich, loaded nacho tots, country-fried steak, Wild West omelet, or All-American Slam. Keep reading to try new dinner dishes. Find your new favorite breakfast.

Dennys Toast And Cheese Sandwich On French Toast

America’s chefs, restaurants, and home cooks are always trying to combine foods to make something better. Dennys French toast grilled cheese succeeds where others fail.

Sweetening grilled cheese isn’t a sin, despite what many believe. Butter, cheese, cinnamon, and sugar make a delicious Monte Cristo sandwich-like duo. You’ll want more. Ask your server for French toast grilled cheese.

Grilled Scrambled Eggs With A Crack Of The Pan

First, the bad news. Many breakfast restaurants—Dennys Coupon included—don’t use real eggs. Instead, the restaurant uses a liquid or powdered egg formula to make large quantities quickly. Alternatives last longer than real eggs and are cheaper for businesses.

Dehydrated or liquified eggs for breakfast might make you cringe. You can order a breakfast scramble at Dennys with “real eggs,” “shell eggs,” or “cracked on the grill” to get real eggs instead of powdered ones.

Pre-packaged powder or liquid eggs are usually used for scrambled eggs. An ex-Dennys server says real eggs are used for poaching, over easy, medium, hard, and sunny-side-up eggs. However, some like dehydrated food.

Dennys Crumbed Seafood

Dennys isn’t known for fish. However, a crispy breading may make it so. A Denny’s employee on Quora said this once-popular item was on the menu for over 25 years before being removed. Despite not being on the menu. Denny’s fish and chips dish is still in the computer system. According to rumors.

Be polite and ask your Denny’s location to order one of the most popular ex-menu items. Why bother making breakfast food chain breaded fish? Hot, crispy, crunchy, and well-seasoned fish. If you don’t want breakfast at the diner, order breaded fish.

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Roast Chicken From Tsing Tsing

East Asian food isn’t usually associated with Dennys. Panda Express or P.F. Chang’s would serve this secret menu item. Denny’s is now a global chain with international cuisine.

Tsing chicken is available at some American franchises despite its discontinuation. It’s on the menu, but not at all Dennys. Tsing chicken comes with steamed rice, broccoli, and a sweet-and-savory glaze with sesame seeds, unlike Denny’s American breakfast dishes. Since it’s not everywhere, this meal may vary by franchise.

However, most Tsing Tsing chicken eaters love it. Facebook users rave about its taste. Like other items on this list. You’ll need to sweet-talk and search for this one. But it’ll be worth it.

Dennys Low-Carb Alternatives

Since a big American breakfast relies on carbs, you probably aren’t looking for low-carb meals at Dennys. However, Denny’s can help with carb overload. The restaurant offers several healthy meal swaps.

Ordering burgers bunless cuts 250 calories. Instead of fries, rice, or mashed potatoes, order steamed broccoli for free and save up to 450 calories.

Other ways to make your meal healthier exist. Order an omelet with low-carb onions, mushrooms, and spinach if you love eggs for breakfast. Swap toast and hash browns for sausage or bacon. You can get a house salad with steak, chicken, avocado, bacon, or vinaigrette dressing.

Key point? Dennys has a huge menu and a list of ingredients. So ask nicely and they’ll customize your order for free.

Bacon Makes Everything Better

“Extra bacon”—what could be sweeter? Many Americans eat Dennys for breakfast. But some may choose a country-fried steak or the Grand Slam Slugger. You can add bacon to any dish or as a side.

Request bacon on your zesty nachos, spaghetti bolognese, Mega Philly Melt, or beef bacon Slamburger. Bacon improves every dish. If you like it in desserts, expect strange looks. Bacon-topped Pancake Puppies sundae?

Bacon maniacs have frequented Dennys. Baconalia, Denny’s 2011 promotion, made waves nationwide. The promotional menu included caramel bacon-stuffed French toast, bacon pepper jack tilapia, BBQ bacon mac ‘n cheese bites, and the ultimate bacon breakfast with six strips. There were even maple bacon milkshakes, sundaes, and salted caramel brownies with bacon.

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Dennys Hash Browns With Cheese

Bacon goes with everything, so cheese should too. We won’t list every dish you can add cheese to—you can experiment. Instead, we’ll discuss one tasty drink. Hash browns are one of Denny’s best dishes.

Denny’s is crunchy, light, buttery, and fluffy. They pair well with almost any menu item due to their perfect seasoning. Warm melted cheese balances the crunchiness of the potatoes below. This secret item isn’t gourmet. But cheese lovers can’t go wrong with it.

Cheese Sandwich That’s Been Deep Fried

The fried cheese melt is another Dennys secret menu favorite. This grilled cheese is elevated. Two standard bread slices toasted to buttery perfection are sandwiched between several layers of cheese.

What distinguishes Dennys grilled cheese? Four to five crispy mozzarella sticks are added between courses. So you get mozzarella sticks and grilled cheese sandwiches. Deep-fried seasoned breading adds a new dimension to the sandwich.

Reddit users love this inventive drink. With a side of tomato soup or marinara sauce. Denny’s may be your new favorite.

Dennys Breakfast With Beyond Meat Burgers

They offers Beyond Meat burgers for vegetarians. A 100% plant-based patty, crisp lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheese, and sauce are on a multigrain bun.

Some people may tire of Dennys burger. Which is as good as a veggie burger can get. Luckily, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a cool hack. Try changing the menu. For instance, you can order a Dennys scramble without meat and substitute the Beyond Meat patty.

Get Those Cookie Dough Pancakes

These pancakes may be familiar if you use social media. Since its launch, TikTok has been a top resource for restaurant franchise savings. Denny’s welcomed the movement.

Denny’s collaborated with TikTok foodies in 2022 to create new menu items. Chief Brand Officer John Dillon said the promotion was meant to bridge the generation gap. “We didn’t want to just work with this diverse group of social stars to ‘hack the menu,'” Dillon said (via PR Newswire).

@es_jenny_solares and @EnkyBoys created Get That Cookie Dough Pancakes for the Social Stars Influenced Menu. Chocolate and cookie dough fill these cream cheese-topped pancakes. Eggs, hash browns, and your protein are available as sides.

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Dennys Jala-Bac, The Burger

Burger and spicy food lovers will love this TikTok-inspired dish. TikTokers @PaqJonathan69 and @ElTheEgg invented the Jala-Bac burger. A blistered jalapeño pepper tops the soft brioche bun. A juicy hand-pressed beef patty, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and pickles await. Include wavy-cut fries.

The promotional video stated that the goal was to create a dish with heat and spice, unlike most Denny’s menu items. The huge blistered jalapeño is only for heat lovers. If you want that extra kick, make sure your Dennys is still serving this TikTok creation.

Pancakes With A Lot Of Fruit, Obviously

Despite the name. These pancakes are fruity. TikTokers @CallMeBelly and @Mattheperson inspired and designed this menu item. Dennys ultra-fluffy buttermilk blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup from the base. The pancake stack is finished with the freshest strawberries and bananas. But no. Denny’s serves crispy hash browns, eggs, bacon, and sausage.

“Over the top, […] and a little fruity, of course.” Elliott Norris (@CallMeBelly) worked on this recipe for months. Fruitful results. Find vitamin C with your Dennys breakfast. Most TikTok locations carry this item.

Dennys Dreamcakes With Shortberries

Your sugar fix continues. This one is for dessert lovers. TikTokers Dmitri Robinson and Kelz Wright invented Shortberry dream cakes. Fresh strawberries, shortbread cookies, strawberry sauce, and vanilla cream top a stack of buttermilk pancakes. For a complete meal, add hash browns, eggs, and bacon or sausage.

Hungry Fat chick, a viral making YouTuber, raved about these sweet, creamy, caked-out pancakes. The Southern Snack called the pancakes “messy but divine” and wished they had more strawberries.

Brisk-It-All And Brisk-B-Q Melt

TikTokers The Rapping Chef and Grace Africa prepare these brisket-based dishes. The Brisk-It-All Melt (get it?) featured slow-smoked brisket burnt ends, two fried eggs, diced crispy bacon, Diner Q sauce, sharp white cheddar, and tangy pickles between two pieces of grilled artisan bread. Finish it off with wavy-cut fries.

Brisk-B-Q Melt is lighter. This one has the same tender brisket, white cheddar, sauce, and pickles without the eggs and bacon. You probably wouldn’t go to a breakfast diner for Southern barbeque. Denny’s nailed it. See for yourself—on a cheat day.