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Tips on Writing an Assignment Your Teacher Will Love

Tips on Writing an Assignment Your Teacher Will Love

Are you a student struggling with your college assignment? Well, as an Instructor, I believe writing an assignment for your academic coursework is a necessary evil. Assignments are important as they determine your internal grades. If you did not score good marks in your exams, you could balance your grade by scoring better in your assignments. However, the question is, what is the trick to scoring good marks on your assignment? The answer is to impress your teacher with your assignment. You can ace your grade if you captivate your teacher with your assignment.

You are most likely thinking about how you can achieve that, right? Well, it is a simple feat. Although writing an assignment is challenging, everyone can impress their teacher by following proper guidelines and tricks. You need to know those tips. This article will help you with that.

How to impress your teacher with your assignment:

Reading the section below to know the tips for writing an assignment efficiently to impress your teacher would be best.

Design a plan:

The first thing you should do to effectively write an assignment is to sketch its outline. Outlining an assignment gives you an insight into what to write in your assignment. While outlining, you will know the technical aspects you need to cover in your content. An outline ensures that you add only relevant and high-quality content to your assignment.

In-depth knowledge of the topic:

You can also ensure the high-content quality of your assignment if you are familiar with the topic. Therefore, choose the topic in your area of expertise. You can only write an outstanding assignment when you know about your topic. Stay calm if you are to work on an unfamiliar topic. You can also tackle it by conducting an in-depth literature survey.

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Collect relevant data about your topic, understand the central concept expected from you, and start writing your assignment. It is very important to know what your topic demands from you. By comprehending your topic’s vital aspect, you can beautifully present your topic in your assignment.

Use academic jargon:

Academic writing is different from content or blog writing and demands academic vocabulary. If you wish to write an assignment captivating enough to grab the interest of your teacher at first glance, you should enhance your diction. Use academic jargon and technical terms specific to your topic. Using this jargon will let your teacher know that you are knowledgeable about the topic and guarantee you ace our assignment.

Logical and rhetorical arguments:

Have you ever wondered how you can convince your teacher with your claims? You have to be very technical if you wish to do so. You must present strong arguments and evidence while writing an assignment to convince your teacher of your findings. Arguments are an important part of every assignment to support the findings, ideas and perspectives.

If you all talk and do nothing to support your claims, then not only will your readers not be convinced, but also it will be a negative point for your assignment. You will get your marks docked with baseless claims. Therefore, do give an example or argument for your claims.

Proper structure:

Although having deep knowledge and proper arguments are necessary for writing an assignment efficiently, there are other requirements. You should follow the proper format and guidelines by your teacher or institute if you wish to make your assignment outstanding and unique in the eyes of your teacher. Your assignment should include the following:

  • Title page
  • Table of content
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • Proper font size and style
  • Page numbering
  • Numbering figures and tables
  • Proper legends
  • Indent and margins
  • Line spacing and justified text
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If you are unfamiliar with the format or weak at writing your assignments, you should buy assignment online from a good firm like Affordable Dissertation UK.

Proper referencing:

References are a very important requirement of academic assignments. They support your claims and arguments to justify your findings or key points. However, you should ensure proper in-text citations and bibliography format while writing an assignment. Write your references in the format demanded by your teacher. Read the guidelines properly and use the correct format of references like APA, MLA, or Harvard.

Adding references to your assignment will increase the authenticity and worth of your assignment. You can easily convince your teacher if they see any reference to support your claim. It will be plus points for your assignment.

No grammatical or spelling errors:

Ensure that your assignment is free of grammatical or spelling errors. If your assignment is brimming with mistakes, it will dull and question its quality. Your teacher will not prefer reading an assignment full of mistakes. If you wish to leave an everlasting impact on your assignment on your teacher, present it beautifully without any mistakes. Use online software like Grammarly or EverNote to rectify these errors.

Plagiarism-free assignment:

You can enhance the quality, worth and image of your assignment by ensuring the originality of your data. Make sure your content is free of plagiarism. Plagiarising other authors’ work, intentionally or unintentionally, is unethical and unacceptable. It will be a negative point for your assignment. Your teacher will question the authenticity and originality of your content and will dock your marks.

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Proofread it thoroughly:

After writing an assignment, have your supervisor or senior in your field evaluate your assignment critically. Critical evaluation is necessary for any assignment as it helps mark those core concepts you have missed. Remember, not everyone is perfect, and two brains are better than one. Other people will review your assignment with their perspective and will help you determine your mistakes. You can rectify those mistakes and enhance your assignment’s quality.

Future implications of your topic:

Last but not least, the thing that can be a plus point for your assignment is your topic’s future directions and implications. Your topic should cover any social, scientific or economic aspect of your society.

The topic addressing any social issue will have a higher impact on your teacher as compared to using general informative topics. It will pique the interest of your teachers and will force them to read your assignment until the end. Discuss the future recommendations for your topic and make your ending as attractive and strong as possible.


Many students need help to cover all the aspects and follow the required format while writing an assignment. Assignment writing requires much effort and hard work to make it look presentable to your teacher. Your assignment determines your grades, and your grades are in the hand of your teacher; the only thing that ensures good grades is by making them look impressive in front of your teacher. Use the tips mentioned above to write an outstanding assignment.

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