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What thickness is Good for Custom Hologram Stickers?

The holographic look adds an element of luxury and exclusivity to your product packaging. It also makes it harder for counterfeiters to imitate your product.

Custom hologram stickers are a great way to improve your product visuals. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are a popular choice for businesses and organizations that want to stand out from the crowd.

Custom Hologram Stickers

Thick Custom Hologram Stickers  are great for branding and marketing your products, business, or event. They have a unique look that will make them stand out and attract attention. They are also durable and waterproof, making them a great choice for outdoor applications.

What’s more, holographic stickers are available in any shape or size! They are made with a high-quality vinyl and reflect a beautiful metallic, rainbow effect. They are a great addition to any sticker design!

We print your holographic stickers on premium, holographic vinyl with a permanent adhesive and glossy finish. They are then coated with a protective laminate that protects them from fading, scratching, tearing, and water.

You can also choose to add spot UV or white ink effects for a more vibrant and eye-catching sticker. These printing effects will give your holographic stickers an oil-slick, iridescent look that is sure to intrigue and excite customers!

To order, simply select a size and quantity then upload your artwork. Shortly after checkout, you will receive an online proof that shows how your stickers will look. You can request changes to the proof for free until you are satisfied with the final product.

Hologram sticker uk

Custom Hologram Stickers  labels are the perfect way to elevate your logo or add a unique element to your packaging. These holographic stickers are printed on durable, waterproof material with an iridescent look that attracts attention and enhances your design and image.

These labels are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with the option to order them in a custom shape. The iridescent surface is durable and withstands water, oil, and UV light.

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The material we use is a reflective plastic with an iridescent effect that gives your designs and logos an eye-catching holographic glow. It’s an excellent choice for creating a professional-looking sticker that is both easy to apply and reposition.

We also offer a white printing option, which is ideal for giving your stickers an added layer of realism and depth. You can choose to have all of your designs printed in a metallic holographic effect, or select which colors you want to be metallic and have white printed behind them.

Our holographic stickers are made from a metallic holographic polypropylene, a mirrored material that reflects light and creates a dazzling rainbow and hologram effect. The material is a great choice for all kinds of product packaging, including drinks bottles. It is also resistant to fading, scratching and tearing, making it the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor use.

2d Hologram stickers


A thick holographic sticker is perfect for making your design stand out. It has a strong, permanent adhesive that is easy to peel, giving you a premium feel. They are also freezer, dishwasher, and water resistant.

The best thickness for custom hologram stickers is about 17.5 mils. This is about the same thickness as a piece of paper, so they are not too thin to be effective.

When ordering, you’ll receive an online proof of your holographic sticker before production starts. This allows you to request changes until you’re satisfied with the final product.

Our holographic stickers are printed on high-quality holographic vinyl with a permanent adhesive and glossy finish. Then, they’re laminated to protect from scratches, water, fading, and sunlight.

They are a great way to promote your business, event, or art. The shiny, iridescent finish of the stickers makes them unique and eye-catching.

Our holographic stickers are made with a high-quality holographic vinyl that has a beautiful metallic, rainbow effect. They’re available in any shape or size, and they printed with spot UV or white ink effects to add intrigue and vibrancy. The shiny, iridescent finish looks great on most surfaces and is durable.

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2d Hologram labels

A hologram is a special kind of sticker that is printed using a unique technology to display images in 2D or 3D, creating a sense of movement. It is a very useful security product for many industries, and used to verify the authenticity of various products.

The hologram is manufactured from a number of different layers that form the basis of its unfalsifiable nature, making it a very effective response to the fight against counterfeiting. This makes it a very cost-effective and versatile solution for the protection of important documents, products and more.

These hologram stickers are primarily used for security purposes, but they used to add an eye-catching element to products that need extra protection from tampering or fraud. They are available in a variety of different colors and  customized with consecutive serial numbers or QR codes for traceability purposes.

Another type of hologram stickers is a stock-made hologram that is designed and manufactured in bulk, allowing for a faster turnaround time than custom holograms. These holograms are less expensive than customized labels, but they do not offer the same degree of security.

3d Hologram stickers

Custom Hologram stickers are a unique way to make your brand or product stand out in a crowd. They are also a great way to add a premium touch to your products and packaging.

Our holographic stickers are made from premium holographic vinyl with a permanent adhesive and a glossy finish. They are coated with a protective laminate to make them resistant to scratching, fading, and water damage.

These holographic stickers are available in many sizes and shapes, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. They are also a good choice for products that need to be tamper-proof, as they are difficult to remove without breaking them.

They are made from a 3 mil thick metalized vinyl paired with a permanent acrylic adhesive that gives them amazing staying power for up to 3-5 years outdoors. They also have a heavy-duty backing that makes them easy to peel and gives them a premium feel.

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In addition to being the eye-catching stickers that you have always wanted, they are also environmentally friendly. These stickers are printed using the latest technology with fine detail & vibrant colours that have an eye-catching rainbow effect that changes according to light and perspective.

Our holographic stickers  cut to any shape you want, including square over kiss cut and die-cut stickers. We will send you an online proof for your review before printing so you can make any changes until you’re happy with them.

3d Hologram labels

Hologram labels are an excellent way to add visual impact to your products. They  used for any product that needs a spark of color to stand out from the competition. They a great way to add security to your packaging.

They  made using various materials, but if you want the best results from your label, you should work with a company that offers high-quality, premium hologram labels. This will ensure that the holograms you print will be of the highest quality possible, and that they’ll last as long as possible.

These holograms are usually made from a special material called photoresist. This material is specially designed to absorb light, and it’s then projected onto the label. The light is then reflected back and forth, causing the label to change colors.

There are several different types of holograms, including 2d holograms and 3d holograms. The 2d holograms are the most common type and  easily made with any printer.

The three-dimensional holograms are more difficult to make, but they done with a few minor adjustments. These adjustments allow the holograms to be created from multiple angles and depths, making them more convincing and realistic. They’re also a lot harder to counterfeit, which can help protect your brand from fraudsters.