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traditional radiators

In the past, cast iron radiators were found in every house. As common as the mangle and carpet sweeper, they were part of everyday life.

As with the mangle and the carpet sweeper, they were soon superseded by modern, electric appliances and became anachronistic.

These traditional designer mirror radiators were no longer fashionable, and, over time, they were abandoned – nothing more than a relic of a bygone era.

What Is An Old Fashioned or Vintage Radiator?

Usually, when people talk about old-fashioned radiators, they mean the column style popularized in Victorian times. Each section is composed of rows of tubes connected from top to bottom. Heat is created by flowing water around these tubes or ‘columns’.

Types Of Vintage Radiators

1. Horizontal

Horizontal column radiators are the classic style. When one thinks of Victorian radiators, horizontal column radiators come to mind. This radiator is ideal for positioning under a window or where you have lots of flat wall space. If you want it to be easy to replace your current radiator, this is probably your best choice.

2. Vertical

Traditional column radiators get a modern update with vertical column radiators. If you do not have a lot of horizontal wall space, these radiators will make much better use of vertical space. Additionally, they are available in various widths, so you can find one that is perfect for your home’s heat output.

Benefits Of Vintage Radiators

Radiators have a very high heat output, one of their most significant advantages. Radiators with large surfaces give off a lot of heat for their size, so they can be more efficient than standard radiators. 

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Depending on your needs, you can also select a column radiator with different numbers of columns. Choose a Designer Mirror Radiator if you only have a small space to fit a radiator but need a significant heat output. Choosing a column radiator with two columns will give you a more extensive, more elegant look and lower heat output. Our BTU calculator will help you determine whether your radiator will provide the right amount of heat for your room.

1. Durability

This is an important consideration when choosing a column radiator. Even though they may seem more expensive, they follow a design that has been proven for years, so they are built to last.

2. Modern Materials

Thanks to the popularity of column radiators, you don’t need to find and renovate an old radiator to get this look. The range of traditional radiators has all the benefits and looks of their Victorian counterparts but is built from modern materials.

Vintage radiators: A New Trend

When you’re contemplating home decor projects during downtime, you’ll have plenty to think about. You can find inspiration and ideas for decorating your home by checking out online home sites such as Houzz and Pinterest for the latest fashions. Adding classic, traditional radiators to your rooms will complement your period property or love the old-world charm of classic features. They are:

Classic and Stylish

The ugly white functional radiator is a thing of the past. Choose from a wide selection of period-style radiators when choosing the perfect radiator. 

Radiators of the traditional type have all the charm of Victorian and Georgian designs but are constructed with modern materials and components. This means they are beautiful to look at, but they also do an excellent job of heating your home.

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Mercury 4 Column radiators are cast iron radiators that can be painted in vintage colours, making sure they blend well in newly decorated rooms. They come in three different heights. In addition to the reproduction feature patterns, the Burlington comes with additional embellishments. 

Its hard-wearing cast iron construction is the perfect choice for renovations and new construction alike. For a classic look, choose the Victorian 4 Column. It features a classic Victorian design with various heights and modern connections so that it can be plumbed directly into your pipework without any additional fittings.

Energy Efficiency Is a Priority

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing efficiency or quality with the new look of your heating. Radiators made from cast iron meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed for ten years. The heaters are very effective and provide minimal environmental impact, with an output range of 3600 watts. 

This gives you the best of both worlds – fabulous-looking vintage radiators and first-class home heating.

Making a Statement With Colour

Radiators with the traditional finish are primed by default and can be painted or polished to your liking. Choose from a wide array of colours and finishes and make a bold statement with the vibrant Sapphire Blue or lustrous Wimbledon Green. Alternatively, you can opt for stylish metallics if that’s too extreme. 

There’s sure to be one that gives you the classic look you want, whether you choose natural pewter, old pennies, or bronze gold. We can also paint your home in timeless, understated colours from Farrow & Ball or Craig & Rose if shabby chic is your style. Your new traditional radiators will be the perfect finishing touch to any room, no matter what shades and tones you choose.

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