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Three Grant Kelley Endeavors That Displayed Noteworthy CEO Traits

Grant Kelley is a notable Australian executive figure more formally known as the owner and chairman of Holdfast Assets.

Holdfast Assets is a private-equity firm that centers its acquisition portfolio around assets in the southern region of Australia. They own and manage some of the region’s key estates including vast vineyards in Port Willunga and South Fleurieu.

Kelley has been in the global investment scene and private funds management circle long enough to be the best in his field.

He has been a part of some major international firms and has headed regional head positions like Colony Capital and Apollo Global management. He held the top executive figure in Asia for both of these companies.

He spent decades in corporate before settling on establishing a firm in Australia. Here’s a collection of a few of his business undertakings through the years where he displayed the qualities of a dependable executive.

Raffles Buyout in 2005

Raffles Hotel, one of the top heritage hotels located in Singapore was acquired by Colony Capital at one point. Kelley was one of the more involved individuals who pushed for the deal and had one-on-one meetings with Raffle’s head executives.

Despite the presence of high bidders coming for the hotel during that time, there were political and social restraints from letting an international firm acquire a national monument.

Jennie Chua, Raffle’s representative knew exactly the deal. In addition to gaining the worth of the hotel in cash, the management and the people involved also value the prestige and attachment built with it.

Kelley was able to gain the other party’s favor by giving exactly what they need. Raffles was assured of the retention of its splendor and employees on top of fulfilling the offered price. This move from Kelley reminded us that the best business negotiations go beyond money.

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Sole ownership of Adelaide’s Sixers

The Adelaide 36ers, more popularly known as the Sixers, South Australia’s sole representative in the NBL, is currently owned by Grant Kelley. He started the acquisition by securing 40% of the basketball club and later outright purchased the remaining stocks to gain full ownership over the team.

His passion for the sport has been a driving force in this business acquisition. He assures the local fans that he will continue improving the team so they can perform well and continue showing good basketball. Kelley shows us that your passion is always worth going all-in for.

Vicinity Centres’ Recovery Plans After the Covid19 Pandemic

The world was shaken by the unprecedented pandemic crisis. The economy was heavily hit by the sudden halt in economic movement.

After a couple of years, the government has started easing lockdowns and social distancing policies. Businesses started operating again and welcomed consumers. Kelley was CEO of Vicinity Centres during the onset and immediate period after the pandemic.

Vicinity’s strategies, headed by Kelley, did not stop at aiming for recovery but also took into account the opportunities for growth.  They are now pouring resources into their mixed-use developments to further solidify the company’s position in the market.

The tycoon veteran stayed one step ahead in spite of the unfavorable circumstances.

Grant Kelley in the Present

Kelley is now retired from his executive position in Vicinity but still holds a chairmanship post in Holdfast Assets. There is no recent indication of his interest to join another firm but has been active in managing Adelaide Sixers.

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