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What kind of material do you use to make gift boxes?

Different options are needed for different products. But there are times when you have to do what the situation calls for. Custom gift boxes Canada are one type of packaging box that can sometimes meet your needs. These boxes are made just for your special gift-giving occasions. For example, a gift box for valentine’s day would be red all over, reminding you of the day. You can also order gift boxes for any other event or occasion in the same way.

You might find more than one way to give a gift. But you won’t find one that will make the person you’re giving the gift to happy. With custom gift boxes, it’s easy to get people’s attention and win their hearts. These boxes stand out in the market because they have a long list of features.

Gift boxes, unlike most packaging boxes, don’t need a packaging bag to be carried. The shape of these boxes makes them easy to carry. At the top of these boxes, two strong handles made of heavy cardboard are attached in a crisscross pattern to make them even stronger for carrying your high-end goods. So, you don’t need to use an average packaging bag that takes away from their beauty and style. It also lets your customers show off by letting them hold their favorite product without a bag.

Types of Materials that are Ideal for Gift Boxes

Gifts are usually shown to users in a way that makes them look beautiful, expensive, and high-end. The best way to show the value and image of a gift is through the materials used to wrap it and present it. There are many materials that can be used to make a box. Which one is best for gift wrapping? Here are some of the best options:

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1. Grey Board

The most common way to package a gift is in a grey board paper box. Even though grey board paper looks normal, you can stick pearl paper, art paper, virgin paper, flannel, binding cloth, PU leather, etc. on top of it. After being taped, the product’s box is very elegant and beautiful. It can also set off a high-end gift when used as a gift box.

Second, grey board paper is good for the environment because it is made from reused old paper. It is very tough and can withstand a lot of pressure, which keeps the product from getting damaged by outside forces.

2. Corrugated Paper

We use a lot of corrugated packaging boxes every day. When you buy something o, the products are usually sent to you in custom packaging boxes. Most of these boxes are made of corrugated paper. And you can use corrugated paper packaging boxes for more than just shipping packages. You can also use them to package gifts. Often used in gift boxes for fruit, home goods, and other things.

Corrugated paper is also very strong and tough, but its performance is not better than that of grey board for the same thickness. The corrugated gift box, on the other hand, is much more economical than the grey board box. So, when customizing a gift box for something heavy, like fruit, thicker corrugated paper is used as the packaging material. A thinner corrugated paper can be used for something light, like home textiles.

3. White cardboard

Everyone should have gotten presents in cardboard boxes. When fellows have a baby or get married, they send wedding cakes and wedding eggs in gift boxes. Boxes made of cardboard are also commonly used to package gifts. Like pencil boxes, tea boxes, etc. White cardboard can be used for more than just making boxes. It can also be used to make business cards, invitations, and other things.

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Even though white cardboard is thick and strong, it is not as tough or resistant to pressure as corrugated paper or grey board. So, most gift boxes made of cardboard will be lined to make them harder to crush.

There are many different kinds of materials that merchants can use to wrap gifts. But when making a choice, you can choose the best material for the box based on the product’s features, grade, and the company’s budget.


Nothing beats the effectiveness of a well-designed display for selling goods. If your things seem interesting on the outside, you’ll see a surge in interest from buyers at the store and in the marketplace. Your packaging’ aesthetics have the potential to propel you to new heights in terms of sales. You can exhibit your full selling power as a well-known brand by packaging your premium goods in custom gift card boxes