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Jignesh Shah’s Everlasting Spirit to Turn Start-Up Fortunes

Engineer-turned entrepreneur/innovator Jignesh Shah’s purpose of business and his pursuit of public good have been beyond description. He is being a native entrepreneur, who created a global business network. He founded 63 moons technologies limited over two decades ago with unique zest and passion.

63 moons, which was earlier known as Financial Technologies, has been a global leader in providing next generation technological innovations. His everlasting spirit is most likely to turn the fortunes of India’s startup ecosystem now since he has decided to dedicate his skills and expertise as a mentor to lakhs of entrepreneurs in this field.

Jignesh Shah has been a farsighted businessman who believed in public-private partnerships. All the benefits of his ventures flowed to the people across India.  His flagship company, 63 moons technologies limited has been named as one of the most powerful and influential companies in biz-tech innovations.  The stellar contribution of a young group of entrepreneurs led by Jignesh Shah to the Indian Financial Markets Ecosystem and the efforts he made to put India on the world map of the global exchange industry have been rightfully recognised.

His foresight with deep-rooted interest in domestic strength had a strong connection with the real economy and generation of newer jobs and growth opportunities. 63 moons technologies limited is the only group with holistic understanding of the financial markets ecosystem and an ability to innovate and establish internationally acclaimed financial institutions that are India centric.

The company has been constantly striving and advocating to bring India at a level playing field with international counterparts. The reforms that Jignesh Shah has been advocating for, once implemented, would have brought India at par with its international peers.

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63 moons is a rare group capable of bringing high-tech technology revolutions and vehemently drive the advocacy for level playing field with international counterparts. Making it exit the financial markets has been an irreparable loss for the country, as it was the only company that possessed the deep domain expertise of financial markets ecosystem and an expertise to established multi-asset exchanges in India of international repute.

However, in their second innings, FT and Jignesh Shah are likely to take the startup world by storm and generate millions of jobs for the country’s youngsters as they did in the 1990s.