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Is It Worth Replacing the Original Equipment Tires? Find Everything Here!

Factory-fitted tires are often referred to as the best ones for your vehicle. These tires fit perfectly as they are specially made for that vehicle. However, you need to replace them after a few years. You need to find a reputable online tire shop in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or any other region to get new tires for your vehicle. 


The replacement process is quite expensive and makes you think if it is worth opting for replacement or not. The only way to find the answer to this query is to check all the benefits of replacing the original equipment tires of your automobile.

Benefits of Replacing Factory-Fitted Tires 

After knowing the benefits of replacing tires it becomes easy for you to spend money on doing so. Let’s have a look at some of the top-listed benefits of replacing your vehicle’s tires.

Better Fuel Economy 

The first benefit of replacing tires is better fuel economy. Original equipment tires too offer great fuel economy at the start. But with natural wear and tear, they make your car consume more fuel. It may also impact the overall functionality of your automobile. However, when you replace them, new tires are highly efficient and offer better fuel economy. You can observe the difference in fuel economy within the first week of replacing tires.


When you try to estimate which tires are the best for your vehicle, you need to consider their performance. The performance of tires impacts the overall functions of your vehicle. New tires are higher performing than factory-fitted ones. Original tires may fit perfectly and show great performance, but when they get old, replacing them is the only way to maintain the overall performance of your car. 

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However, not all new tires don’t guarantee enhanced performance. It depends upon the quality of the tires. You need to get high-quality tires to increase the performance of your vehicle.

Superior Driving Experience 

You cannot enjoy your rides in a car with damaged tires. However, when you replace them, you feel your vehicle has turned new again. You can enjoy a superior driving experience just by replacing the car’s tires.

Puncture Resistance 

Some vehicles have run-flat tires. These tires can drive your car even after getting punctured. But it impacts the overall functionality of your automobile. Therefore, you need to replace them with new, puncture-resistant tires.

High Quality 

New tires are of premium quality as compared to damaged factory-fitted tires. These tires can serve you for years due to their longevity. Premium standard rubber is used in these tires to make sure you don’t have to face any trouble during driving. 


However, to make sure you get premium quality tires, you need to get new tires from a reputable brand. Michelin Tires is the best company to buy tires from. It offers premium quality tires at discounted prices.

Last Words 

After going through the above mentioned benefits, you must have realized that it’s worth replacing the tires of your vehicle. So, if your car is mandating new tires, replace them immediately.