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Indian Visa for Brazilian Citizens

Traveling to India is on many people’s bucket lists and, in the case of Brazilian citizens, they can accomplish this goal by readily applying for an Indian Visa for Brazilian Citizens.

The Indian government has taken steps since November 2014 to make entering the country easy for tourists, business executives, or people seeking medical assistance for a short duration.

The Indian eVisa is an official document that allows Brazilian nationals to enter and travel within the nation. This permit is also known as India’s electronic travel authorization, which can be issued for people visiting friends and family as well.

Brazilian nationals can obtain an eVisa for India if they are in other circumstances, such as attending short courses on local languages, cuisine, crafts, or any other formally unstructured program that does not exceed six months.

Are Brazilians eligible for an Indian eVisa?

Today, over 150 countries including Brazil, are eligible for the India eVisa. This way, travelers do not have to incur traveling costs to embassies or go through many hurdles to obtain their visa.

Brazilian applicants must obtain a visa to enter the country via the border legally and to make the most of their visit. With the eVisa, Brazilians can arrive through any of the 28 airports and 5 seaports that allow its use.

If the Brazilian citizen is traveling to India with their children, it is imperative that they get eVisas for them too, and pay attention to the Indian vaccination requirements for them.

How to Apply for an India Online Visa From Brazil

Brazilians traveling from Brazil to India need to make their application for the Indian eVisa at least four calendar days before the anticipated date of arrival and can be made as early as 120 days in advance.

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The entire process may take up to fifteen minutes, including uploads of the right documents and making the eVisa application fees.

Each specific eVisa has its associated charge, which Indian Visa for Chinese Citizens Brazilian applicants can pay for via e-wallets or debit/credit card.

If the application is successful, then the citizens of Brazil will receive the travel permit via email within a couple of days.

India eVisa for Brazil: What to Do After Approval

The visa will be valid for one year from the date of arrival. If Brazilians apply for an e-tourist Visa, continuous stay within the country cannot exceed 90 days, while those on an e-business visa may not stay longer than 180 days.

During the time of travel, the traveler of Brazil will be required to bring with them a copy of the Electronic Travel Authorization. Before they commence their travel, Brazilians must ensure that their status for the Indian eVisa is shown as “Granted” on the application website.

Immigration services will capture their biometric details upon arrival to India. Moreover, travelers will be required to bring the passport on which they applied for the eVisa to be allowed into the country.

Brazilians are advised there might be severe consequences when overstaying an India visa, therefore, it is recommended to leave the country within the stipulated time.