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How Treadmills are a Perfect Way to Begin your Fitness Journey

Most people resolve each year to get fit. The hectic work schedule prevents them from working out daily and taking one step closer to achieving their dream body. On average, the maximum time one can take out towards fitness is an hour, but the insane traffic plays a spoilsport. Half of that precious time is spent commuting to the gym.

Among the many, a cardio workout is the best way to shed fat fast and is not hard on your body. A well-structured running session enables one to stay healthy, increases stamina, and strengthens our joints and skeletal muscles. Running offers various benefits for our bodies.

The sure-shot solution to this problem is to buy a gym treadmill. More people are using gym equipment to transform available spaces at home into functional home gyms. Avon fitness is a one-stop solution for your fitness needs. You can go through their website to view the Gym Machine Price List and avail the best deal possible.

Avon fitness offers numerous gym treadmill models that allow you to work out effectively and achieve your dream body quickly. Treadmill Price in India differs based on whether you opt for an automatic or manual treadmill. A gym treadmill at home offers unmatched convenience and allows you to make workouts a daily habit.

It is undeniable among the most used equipment in commercial and home gyms. Many people utilize it because of its easy-to-manipulate settings and functionality. Here is a list of reasons you need your treadmill at home:


Running outdoors or running on a treadmill are two different things. Running outdoors significantly impacts your leg joints and muscles due to uneven and hard surfaces, which may cause injury in the long run.

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It can cause knee, back, and angle problems as uneven surfaces cause maldistribution of forces along the joints and muscles, which can cause trauma after some time. Running on a treadmill improves the force distribution to the leg muscles and joints and reduces the impact.

Gym Manual Treadmill come equipped with shock absorption systems which enable you to run on a relatively soft surface. It significantly reduces the impact on the ankles, legs, and back. In addition, Treadmills offer you a reliable surface to run, which will not cause joint pain and other aches.


You obtain complete control over your treadmill, among the best things about owning them. You can set the intensity with a light, medium or hard workout based on your fitness level and goals.

Moreover, you can control all aspects to suit your fitness level. You get a clear idea about how many calories you burn and other features such as speed, incline function and control of warm-up and cool-down. Built-in heart rate and fitness trackers allow you to track your progress over a certain period.


Running on a treadmill promotes muscle gain and strength, apart from improving your cardio health and stamina. Running uses leg muscles with a gradual increase in your endurance level and muscle strength. It also impacts your upper body muscles because you swing them as you run.

As the old dictum says, “abs are made in the kitchen.” A Treadmill allows you to build muscles at home by adjusting incline and speed, significantly affecting muscle growth. Hence, treadmill running possesses a wide range of benefits for your muscles.

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4. Ability to control your Heart Rate

It is crucial to stick to the right heart rate zone while running. A moderate pace allows for an effective workout which isn’t too harsh on your body. The heart rate monitor will enable you to monitor your heart rate to make for an effective workout.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of owning your treadmill and using it regularly. You can significantly improve your muscular and cardiovascular strength and reduce your risk of heart, metabolic, and joint-related health diseases. They are a private, safe, and convenient way to begin your fitness journey or build on a current one.

Avon fitness offers a wide range of gym treadmills and equipment to help you meet your fitness goals and make health a part of your daily life.