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Guide to Prevent DDoS Attacks on VPS Hosting Indonesia.

Guide to Prevent DDoS Attacks on VPS Hosting Indonesia

A VPS Hosting hosted website can become vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Although it provides standard protection and an isolated hosting environment, you must not avoid taking steps to prevent DDoS incursions on your virtual private server. 

Through this article, you will obtain insights into how you can effectively control DDoS attacks. We have also highlighted the top-leading Data Center Service Provider that helps you to protect your website from DDoS Attacks on VPS Hosting in Indonesia to ensure complete data safety – Serverwala. But before you know anything else further, let us apprehend a DDoS attack in brief.  

Do You Know What a DDoS Attack is?

A DDoS attack is basically a Distributed Denial of Service attack. It basically induces a denial of service for users of the targeted web hosting server. Further, these attacks operate by executing a flood of connected requests, incoming messages, & malformed packets. This causes your system to crash, slow down, or fail to respond in any way.

Source Behind DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks on Virtual Private Server are often conducted by Internet users who possess little to zero IT experience. They usually make use of fairly basic tools such as booters for attacking their target. Furthermore, the DDoS incursions are even induced by the following people perpetrated on a routine basis-

  • By cybercriminals who employ a ransom DDoS (RDDoS) attack as a medium of extortion. They implement this incursion by first executing an attack. Then, they ask for a ransom directly or through an extortion letter intimidating a DDoS.
  • Hackers who initiate a DDoS attack as bait on VPS Hosting in Indonesia, do this for acquiring access through a digital back door. The door is where the attack is utilized as a smokescreen for data theft.
  • By countries that target to undermine particular digital infrastructures.
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Types of DDoS Attacks

Below-mentioned listed are the most prevalent types of DDoS attacks your VPS Server can confront in Indonesia – 

  • HTTP Flood 
  • Syn Flood
  • UPD Flood 
  • Smurf Attack 
  • Application Attacks 
  • Fraggle Attack
  • Slowloris
  • NTP Amplification
  • Zero-Day DDoS attacks
  • Advanced Persistent DoS

6 Ways To Protect Your VPS Server-Hosted Website in Indonesia

6 Ways To Protect Your VPS Server-Hosted Website in Indonesia

Here are the ways you are supposed to take into consideration in order to prevent DDoS attacks on your VPS Hosting server in Indonesia-

  • A DDoS-Protected Virtual Private Server

The most crucial thing you must ensure is that your VPS Indonesia plan incorporates DDoS Mitigation. In the industry, this is also known as ‘Anti-DDoS VPS’. This secures your website from protocol-based attacks, volumetric attacks, and attacks on user applications.

  • Monitoring Your Traffic

You should aware of the traffic patterns on your website and traffic spikes. When your website gets high traffic, and how it perform. This enables you to detect if your website is under attack during a surge of unusual traffic. 

  • Create a Plan of Action

You need to construct a plan of action toward blocking DDoS attacks even before letting your website face a DDoS attack. This is an excellent preventative measure you can take on your VPS Server in Indonesia. 

  • Firewall

You must assure that you configure a firewall perfectly. Moreover, you must actively employ the firewall on your Indonesia virtual private server. 

  • Ensure The Availability of Extra Resources

You must let your website access a flexible network capacity and web resources. This helps your website to easily acclimate to the abnormal surge of traffic.

  • Remain Updated

You must be vigilant about not leaving any security loopholes on your VPS and installing updates. This prevents your system from becoming susceptible to DDoS attacks. 

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Protect Your Website With Serverwala’s DDoS-Protected VPS Indonesia Plans

Serverwala is considered the most trustworthy and World-Class Data Center Solution Provider. It is highly recognized for meeting all the demands & necessities of diverse businesses across the globe. At the same time, in Indonesia, the company provides the assurance of ultimate data security with its comprehensive array of plans for VPS Hosting. 

Further, every Virtual Private Server plan of Serverwala comes with high hosting flexibility and easily scalable web resources. They also provide the most advanced data protection measures, including excellent security against DDoS attacks. 

Moreover, you additionally receive the following incredible hosting benefits with Serverwala’s Best VPS server hosting in Indonesia- 

  • You acquire access to a 99.90% uptime network for your website. 
  • The company offers potent solid-state drive data storage and the highest connectivity.
  • With cutting-edge facilities, your website gets the capacity to deliver the fastest operational speed and optimal performance. 
  • All the Indonesia VPS hosting plans from Serverwala come at the cheapest possible pricing and provide service-level agreements. 
  • Serverwala ensures to offer 24/7/365 technical & customer assistance via the support of proficient specialists over your preferred communication medium. 
  • With the Cheap VPS Indonesia Plans, you also attain the support of resilient system tools, enterprise-grade hardware, and secure network channels. 
  • The company lets you acquire the most effective and human-friendly control panel based on the OS you employ on your virtual private server. 


The VPS server is the most competent and secure web hosting solution in Indonesia. It provides you with the most profitable and compelling hosting features to host your website. This further helps you to easily prevent DDoS attacks. Moreover, you must have learned through this guide the measures you can take to control DDoS attacks from your end. 

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On the other side, you can readily reach out to Serverwala Cloud Data Center to buy the most appropriate plan for Cheap VPS Hosting in Indonesia. The company guarantees cutting-edge facilities with the most progressive data security features. You may also check out the official website of Serverwala in order to gather more details about the best-in-class virtual private server hosting plans. The Company offers many benefits to help your business.