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Wikipedia profile

Important Tips About WIKIPEDIA PROFILE You Can’t Afford to Miss

Wikipedia Profile

Wikipedia profile is a page of a single or business on the website. This page contains all the information about a single person or business.

There are different kinds of pages are available on Wikipedia. The categories on Wikipedia are

  • General
  • Arts and Culture
  • Places and Geography
  • Fitness and Health
  • Events and History
  • Human Activities
  • Mathematics and logic
  • Natural and Physical sciences
  • People and self
  • Thinking and Philosophy
  • Religion and belief system
  • Society and social sciences
  • Technology and applied sciences

You can create Wikipedia profile in any of the categories. But the most famous Wikipedia pages are autobiographies and Business pages because people search more about different type of personalities like Film actors, Politicians, Musicians, Businessman, Teachers, and scientists.

Wikipedia services

Wikipedia services can be of different types. Like creating the page, Edit, Monitor and Updates, Research and Copywriting and translation. But it is preferred that if you want to translate any page then contact Wiki Page Translation Expert for this task. And in page creation there many types of pages like Wikipedia pages for any company, Wikipedia profile for an individual, Athlete, Celebrity, Author, politician, Influencers, Public Figure and Biography. If you don’t know anything about Wikipedia profile then you should hire Wikipedia Profile Management services providers.

How to Create a Wikipedia profile?

Check Availability

Creating a Wikipedia profile could be difficult if it is your first time. And you may face a lot of issues. Before creating the profile, you should do proper research about the eligibility criteria and also do research about the things required to create a page. And also check that your topic is available or not.

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You page Topic should be noticeable:

Wikipedia approves only those pages that are noticeable and famous among people and Wikipedia encourages the pages that can grab the attention of the user. And your topic should have a good searching audience. You have to know about your audience before creating your Wikipedia profile.

Create Your account on Wikipedia:

Creating an account is the first physical step to do for a Wikipedia profile. You have to create your account on Wikipedia before creating profile on the site and there are many benefits of having an account on Wikipedia like you can edit different pages on the website. And people will trust you more rather than the anonymous.

Edit pages to know the basic idea of Page Creation:

There are several benefits of editing the existing pages like you will know the basic syntax of page creation and you will also know which is the perfect tone to write the content on the website. And you will know that what are the mistakes that you should avoid. And if you spend more time on editing the pages you will improve as an editor and that will help you a lot in Wikipedia profile creation.

Research That your topic is not already on the website:

If you create a profile with full research and you complete all the requirement guidelines and if the page, still gets rejected then you will feel demotivated. Your page might reject because the topic you want to cover already available on the website. And your topic and content should be unique to be accepted.

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You have to put your internal and external links to show the website that you are noticeable and authentic. You have to give credits and use citations because it is important for a Wikipedia profile and you should gather all the important pages links that will prove your content authenticity.

Create a detailed Outline of your page:

Now you are ready to create your page and the first thing to do is create a detailed outline about your Wikipedia profile. And how your page will look like. And how you will show the content. Creating an outline will help you to easily manage the content of the page. You can create a content table for your page so, you can write the content in the sections according to your outline.

Write The content of your page:

Next step is to write the content of the page but there are few things to keep in mind. That people visit Wikipedia because of their accurate information. And you have to make sure that all the content you write have a resource link so, Wikipedia will confirm the information. Your content must be unique and engaging to the visitors. Because engaging and giving valuable information is the main purpose of the Wikipedia profile. And make sure you give your audience high-standard content because people love to read valuable information. And the information they are looking for.

Submit your Page:

Now that you write all the content, connect links and gather all the required information it is time for you to submit your Wikipedia profile for review. But keep in mind that before submitting your page you should recheck the links that you attached with your page. Make sure that they are accessible and Wikipedia can easily verify the content.

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Another thing that is important to mention that you have to wait long for the response. And if you want the website to review your page quickly then you should edit more and more pages.


Creating a Wikipedia profile is not an easy task and you have to take care of many factors for the perfect page. Like first of all you should do proper research about your topic. That the topic is not available on the website and second thing is to create your account then you should edit as many pages as you could. Because Wikipedia approve the pages quickly if you write according to them. The next step is to gather all the related links and information.

Now you should create an outline of your page that how your page will look like. The format of the page the writing style. And keep in mind the guidelines to create the page. Next, add unique and engaging content in your page. And try to meet the website guidelines. Next step is to recheck all the links and information and all the content before submitting. And once you do proper rechecking then submit your page for review and wait for the response. If you contribute in many pages and edit them then it is a high possibility that your page will be quickly approved.