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Exploring The Benefits Of Economy Shipping 


As the world embraces online shopping, different shipping methods are emerging to meet the needs of businesses and customers. One of the most popular shipping options is economy shipping which is popular because it’s cost-effective.  


Even though the goods take longer than same-day or express shipping, it’s a good choice if you’re not in a hurry. You get to save money and still be sure to receive your goods intact on time.  


In this article, we’ll look at the benefits you can enjoy with economy shipping. 

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What is Economy Shipping?  


Also termed as standard or ground shipping, economy shipping is a unique delivery that sets apart ecommerce retailers from traditional brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs. Typically, economy shipping is a type of delivery that’s cheaper and a bit slower compared to other shipping methods. 


Ecommerce sites can integrate economy shipping as an option for their customers. Economy shipping can be done both domestically and internationally. Domestic shipping differs from international shipping due to the involvement of customs fees, tax, and duty fees. 


Economy shipping delivery time varies depending on the package origin and destination distance. Domestically, packages have an average delivery period of 1-5 days, whereas international shipping has a delivery time of 6-15 days. The shorter the distance, the faster the delivery timeframe. 


Benefits of Economy Shipping 


Here are the noticeable merits of economy shipping options by retailers; 


  1. Most Affordable Shipping Solution


It is the most affordable delivery option a courier can provide. Shipping and deliveries incur substantial operational costs in an online store. The shipping solution facilitates affordability by using the least expensive transportation methods (road or water). 

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Businesses can keep shipping costs low to generate higher profit margins through economy shipping. In relation to other shipping methods, economy shipping offers the most effective last-mile delivery solution, especially for international deliveries.  


To further illustrate affordability, you can save significant amounts on shipping fees. This is a much better option than express shipping, which can cost up to three times as much. But this also depends on the destination of the package. Overall, the price difference is huge, especially for companies that ship large quantities. 


  1. Excellent for Bulk Orders and Sensitive Packages


It’s the most convenient way to ship large and heavy packages domestically. Shipping fragile, bulky, and irregularly shaped items can be challenging for ecommerce retailers. Couriers offering economy shipping solutions accommodate packages weighing up to 150 pounds at a reasonable price. 


  1. Reliable


Economy shipping is an excellent option whenever your customers aren’t in a hurry for immediate delivery. Some customers want to save a coin and don’t mind receiving their package later. Economy shipping speed is almost negligible compared to standard shipping. For instance, domestic orders take less than a week to arrive at their destination. 



  1. Wide Availability


Another important advantage of economy shipping is its wide availability compared to other shipping options. There are many companies that offer economy shipping, giving you more options to find the perfect carrier for your needs. 


Also, most online retailers offer discounts on items shipped with economy shipping. This is a great benefit for customers and suppliers because it helps them to reduce costs, increase sales and make more money. 

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  1. Sustainability


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue. Today, more and more companies are choosing to reduce environmental damage and prefer companies that adopt sustainable practices.  


Economy shopping uses ground-based transport, such as trains and trucks, which emit less carbon into the environment. Moreover, goods are transported in bulk, which reduces carbon footprint. 


In addition, most transport companies use greener fuels such as biofuel and reduce packaging waste. They also optimize transport routes to shorten the distance traveled and reduce emissions, which is good for the environment. 


So not only are you saving money, but you’re also doing something good for the environment when you choose economy shipping. 


Drawbacks of Economy Shipping 


  • It is the slowest option to ship packages, especially international deliveries. 
  • Due to its prolonged delivery time, economy shipping isn’t ideal for emergency and time-sensitive deliveries. Late order deliveries can lead to loss of customers. 


How Long Does Economy Shipping Take? 


Economy shipping isn’t suited for time-sensitive packages as delivery may take longer. Transit times for economy shipping vary depending on your shipping zone (location) and your chosen courier service. Generally, the delivery period of a package can take two to five business days to arrive within the United States. 


Packages shipped internationally can take 6-15 days to arrive, depending on how far the destination is.  



Can You Ship Internationally With Economy Shipping? 

Yes. Customers can ship economy internationally, where the packages have an average delivery period of 6-15 days. International economy shipping has drawbacks in that it’s more expensive due to customs fees. Additionally, your package may spend extended time in customs. Thus, transit time can be a bit longer than domestic economy shipping. 

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What’s the Difference Between Economy Shipping and Expedited Shipping? 

The two shipping solutions are at polar ends of the delivery spectrum in that expedited shipping is suited for time-sensitive packages. Expedited shipping provides the fastest delivery at a higher cost. On the other hand, economy shipping offers affordable shipping solutions, and delivery speed takes longer. 


Economy shipping is among the most sought-after shipping options for ecommerce retailers. Economy shipping is one of the cheapest ways to deliver packages. On the other hand, your package shipment will take longer compared to priority mail. Consider economy shipping options for transporting less time-sensitive items.