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Emergency Dentist in Burslem

Emergency Dentist in Burslem

Dental emergencies can be painful and alarming and can even result in permanent damage if left untreated. When it comes to oral health, a dental emergency can arise from any problem that calls for urgent care, whether it be to alleviate excruciating pain, stop bleeding or salvage a tooth.

Such situations can arise suddenly and unexpectedly, making it important to know how to respond.

Seeking emergency dental care is critical in preventing further complications and avoiding irreversible damage to your oral health. This article provides an overview of common dental emergencies, their symptoms, and what to do when you are faced with them.

Common Dental Emergencies and Symptoms

Toothache: A severe or persistent toothache can be an indication of a damaged or infected tooth. The pain may range from mild to excruciating, and you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or pain while chewing.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can expose the sensitive inner layers of the tooth, causing pain and discomfort. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may feel discomfort when chewing or biting.

Knocked-Out Tooth

An accidental fall or injury can result in the displacement of a tooth, a situation that necessitates urgent dental care. Swiftly replanting the tooth within an hour of it being knocked out could potentially save it from irreparable damage.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a condition where the root of the tooth gets infected, resulting in notable symptoms such as excruciating pain, fever, and swelling of the gums around the affected area.

Object Caught Between Teeth

If something gets caught between your teeth, you might feel pain and discomfort. Attempting to extract the object using dental floss is advisable. However, if the object remains stubbornly lodged, it’s imperative to seek dental assistance.

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Lost Filling or Crown

When a filling or crown falls out, it can leave the tooth vulnerable to infection and bacteria. This may cause increased sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages, thereby necessitating immediate attention.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be due to a number of reasons, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, tooth abscess, or gum disease. You may experience pain while chewing or opening your mouth.

Gum Swelling and Bleeding

Inflamed and bleeding gums could be a sign of gum disease, which requires urgent dental care to avert any additional harm to the teeth and gums.

Difficulty Swallowing

Difficulty swallowing can be an indication of a serious infection or injury. Seek immediate dental attention if you experience difficulty swallowing or breathing.

Immediate First Aid for Dental Emergencies

Dislodged Tooth

  • Hold the tooth by the crown and clean it with water.
  • Try reinserting the tooth gently into the socket, if possible
  • If you can’t reinsert it, keep it in milk or saline solution until dental care

Easing Tooth Pain

  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water
  • Floss teeth to remove food particles
  • Use over-the-counter painkillers
  • Addressing Gum Bleeding:
  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water
  • Apply pressure on the affected area with cloth or gauze

Managing Jaw Discomfort

  • Apply cold therapy to the affected area
  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers as recommended

Note: Seek professional dental care as soon as possible. These measures are temporary.

Best Emergency Dentist in Burslem

If you are looking for a top-quality dental clinic in Burslem that offers a range of services, including emergency dental care? Look no further than Moorland Dental Clinic in Burslem!

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This modern and welcoming clinic is equipped with the latest dental technology to ensure patients receive the best possible care. With a team of highly qualified and experienced dental professionals, Moorland Dental Clinic provides top-notch emergency dental services to those in Burslem and the surrounding areas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from a toothache or if you’ve broken or chipped a tooth; their team of qualified professionals can assist you.

From general dentists to orthodontists, oral surgeons, and dental hygienists, the team at Moorland Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to every patient. So if you’re in need of emergency dental care or are simply looking for a high-quality dental clinic for routine services, Moorland Dental Clinic is the place to be!

Take Away

It is crucial to prevent dental emergencies to ensure good oral health and avoid the discomfort and expense of dental procedures. You can reduce your chances of experiencing a dental emergency by practicing proper oral hygiene, eating a healthy and nutritious diet, wearing mouthguards while engaging in sports activities, and scheduling regular visits to the dentist. In the event of a dental emergency, Moorland Dental Clinic provides efficient emergency dental care to individuals residing in Burslem and nearby areas.