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Domain Authority: 7 Effective Ways to Raise It

Domain Authority: 7 Effective Ways to Raise It

All brand-new websites begin with a domain authority score of 1, which increases as you create content and get backlinks over time.

However, there are a few things you may do to expedite the procedure:

Outreach for backlinks


By contacting other website and blog owners, linkages can be obtained. Your authority will increase more quickly the quicker you build links.

Not all links are created equal, therefore you should strive to obtain connections from sites that are authoritative, pertinent, and in your area (ideally, with a DA score of 50 or above).

At all costs, links from spammy, subpar websites should be avoided. Google can punish you for employing links to these domains since it detects them.

For instance, some websites only focus on the exchange and sale of backlinks. They are simple to identify since they are “anything and everything” sites, as we like to call them. usually encompass a wide range of arbitrary subjects (tech, entertainment, gaming, gambling, crypto, etc). Your authority score is more likely to be negatively impacted by a backlink from this page than to be positively impacted.

Yet, there are some strategies to use outreach to acquire high-quality backlinks, including.

“Broken link-building” is the practice of identifying a website’s broken links and offering to replace them with a link of your own.

providing a guest post proposal for the target website

providing a link purchase or post sponsorship offer

offering to trade links.

By utilizing our link-building email templates, which address all potential link-building requests, you may increase the response rate of your outreach.

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Employ a service that builds links.

Outreaching for backlinks takes time! There is a great deal of back and forth, research, and content production that may only produce one high-quality backlink.

You could collaborate with a link-building service if you lack the time or resources to manage link development at scale.

This company will handle your link-building on your behalf. Before a backlink goes live, they handle the full process from start to finish (including sourcing domains, email outreach, follow-ups, content creation for guest posts, etc.)

You can deal with one of three different sorts of link-building companies:

PR and outreach on the web: They make use of the content you already have by focusing on websites in your market and looking for chances to spread the word about your website.

agencies offering full-service content marketing: They engage in content creation while utilizing guest posting to increase backlinks.

Network-based services: They operate by assembling a network of partner websites and paying those sites to include links on their pages. Due to the poor quality of the backlinks, these are viewed less favorably.

The drawback is that each of these agencies levies fees that may be prohibitive for independent bloggers.

Make your content SEO-friendly.

Many tools are quite helpful when optimizing your content for search, even though it can be done naturally.

It is less expensive to use a link-building agency than to purchase a monthly subscription to SEO software like SEMRush or a content optimization tool like Clearscope or one of its equivalents.

To optimize blog entries, you can follow a few steps:

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researching keywords before writing

matching the search intent for your main target keyword with your content

examining the search terms that your rivals are utilizing, then optimizing your content for those terms.

By incorporating pertinent queries from Google’s “People Also Ask” area, you may avoid creating duplicate material.

Short, simple sentences are preferable. Incorporate pertinent internal and external links.

Optimize image alt text, meta titles, and descriptions.

Check out our SEO checklist for a detailed look at everything mentioned above.

creating links organically

When you produce valuable material that is “link-worthy,” natural links appear. Other websites see yours as an authority and link to you as a result for further details.

The following kinds of material get organic links:

thought-provoking material with original insights

Statistics, benchmarks, and reports

free templates or resources

detailed posts on skyscrapers

Viral content created by buzz (Digital PR link-building is based on this approach)

One of the most difficult methods for naturally raising your domain score is this one. Nonetheless, it is the most successful if accomplished.

increasing page speed

Google prioritizes websites that load quickly. Your domain authority, site SEO, and user-friendliness all improve with faster pages.

Many factors could cause your site to load slowly, including:

utilizing pointless plugins

Absence of a caching plugin

not reducing the size of your images

a surplus of CSS files

A developer may be necessary for the less tech-savvy blogger to assist in resolving these problems, but once you have one, your domain authority (and page speed) should rise.

The free Google PageSpeed Insights Tool allows you to assess the speed of your website and view a breakdown of any problems. It offers independent speeds for desktop and mobile, which is crucial because Google can display various SERPs based on the device.

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Regularly check your domain authority by domain authority checker.

Having a mobile-friendly website

Your total Domain Authority will suffer if your site is not mobile-friendly. Using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool, you can assess your site’s usability for free.

Sites that don’t support these devices won’t be featured in Google’s mobile-first index, which is also under development. Mobile visits to U.S. websites will account for 61% of all visitors in 2020, which will have a significant impact on how well your site ranks.

Examine your link profile and get rid of harmful links.

Inbound links of high quality are necessary to improve your rankings and Domain Authority score. However, links that are damaging or spam will have the reverse impact.

With an SEO audit tool, responsible site owners frequently verify the condition of their websites. By doing this, you’ll be able to spot any issues and take down any links from questionable websites.

If you are unable to delete them, Google Search Console can be used to disavow them. When you disavow harmful links, Google is informed that they shouldn’t be taken into account while indexing your website.