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What Is the Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Vehicle Covers?

What Is the Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Vehicle Covers?

Vehicle covers have become a must-have accessory for all vehicle owners. Invest in a good quality cover if you want to protect the car’s exterior and aesthetics. A quality cover can protect the car’s paint and interior. You can choose from different covers like outdoor and indoor vehicle covers. In this post, you’ll learn the difference between the two and how to choose the best product for your needs.

Outdoor Vs Indoor Vehicle Covers:

The reason why indoor car storage can be the best choice for keeping your car is understandable. Nevertheless, the garage-kept car may still be at risk of damage due to various elements beyond your imagination. Certain automotive accessories like car covers can be a saviour at these times.

Even more at risk of harm are family garages that house many vehicles. Accidental door knocks, clothing affecting the metal, etc., are potential ways to get dents or scratches on the car. A sun protection car cover can help you rest assured, knowing your car has the extra safety it needs.

Even though most indoor car coverings can function as indoor and outdoor covers, they cannot sustain prolonged outdoor storage. Outdoor-kept automobiles require a heavy-duty cover specially made to withstand the frequent damage caused by all weather conditions without degrading. The ability to withstand water is one of the most important qualities. Keep an eye out for the cover material’s characteristics because the resistance level can vary depending on the quality.

When it comes to outdoor storage, the wind might be an issue. The friction from the cover moving quickly can harm your car’s paint and blow the cover off. To hold your cover in place, make sure it features tie-downs, buckle straps, or Velcro.

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The best idea is to select a car cover for outdoor use if you’re unsure whether to choose outdoor or indoor vehicle covers. It gives you the freedom to store your car safely anywhere you want.

What to Look for When Selecting a Car Cover

Although a car cover may appear to be merely a plain piece of fabric, high-quality car covers are considerably more sophisticated than this. These coverings are multi-layered, each layer providing different protection for your car. Look for a cover with the following characteristics while shopping for the best indoor vehicle covers:

  • Inner layer: This layer must be gentle because it will directly contact your car. The car will remain cushioned and not get scratched due to external elements due to this soft inner cover.
  • Middle layer: Most cushioning in padded car covers will be present in this layer. It will aid dent and scratch prevention and be water resistant, keeping the softer inner layer dry.
  • Outer layer: This layer is usually strong and durable. Even if it’s not soft, this layer will prevent tree sap, debris, and bird droppings from affecting the inner layers.

To ensure proper protection for your expensive car and extend its lifespan. Make sure the car cover you plan to buy includes all these features.


Car Cover Care Tips: 

Given its high cost and intended use, you must take care of a quality car cover. A car cover in bad condition might cause more harm than good when it comes to your car.

Covers that are dirty and torn will scrape and damage your paint. Worn-out indoor vehicle covers lower the cover’s potential water resistance and reduces ventilation. It causes dirt to build up on and within the cover, causing the water to seep through it, which is particularly harmful long-term. Any high-quality cover will include instructions on how to clean and maintain the car cover.

  • It is better to avoid using a washer with a centre agitator when cleaning the vehicle covers.
  • Never use fabric softeners on the covers.
  • Avoid using a dryer for drying the speciality and non-woven indoor vehicle covers. It is best to dry the covers naturally by draping them over the car and allowing them to air dry. 
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Only wash the outdoor or indoor vehicle covers when it gets soiled. Too much washing takes out the chemicals that make the clothing weather resistant. Considering this, don’t be reluctant to wash your cover as a part of regular maintenance. As was said earlier, unclean covers will harm your paint and have less water resistance.

It is entirely fine to place a damp cover on a clean vehicle if your cover is breathable. The water will safely evaporate. This method of drying a cover doesn’t take up any room and maintains the material’s shape.

If you already have a garage, it goes without saying that you will use it to store the car. But an interior car cover is a promising option for those who wish to protect their vehicle from harmful garage elements. You often overlook dust in the garage, but it can ruin the paintwork. Additionally, it guarantees that the indoor car cover will guard against scratches and unintentional bumps.

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