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Best 7 Offline Mobile Games of All Ages

There are so many instances where you want to play a game, but you simply don’t have any internet access, so you stare at your screen wondering what to do. If you have faced such a situation, then this article will prove to be a lifesaver for you.

In order to keep you occupied during those moments, we are sharing a list of the top 8 offline games that you can play during on-the-go. Each of these titles are games without internet requirements, so you can play these fun offline games even when you do not have any internet access.

1. Cover Fire

This is a popular offline game in the shooting genre that you can enjoy anywhere and have fun for hours. There are plenty of other offline games that can pitch against it as well, but the overall experience that this game provides wins it this spot.

Play as a hero who oversees a military squad as they make their way through tough war-torn areas fighting enemies. Your job is to make sure they do not get killed in action by providing sniper cover as they move across the battlefield. The reward for successful missions is a high ranking and a sniper elite title.

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2. Mother Surgery Hospital Care: Doctor Game

This one is relatively a great addition to the Google Play store. The game works in the following manner. It follows a healthcare mobile app development architecture and makes players aware of how they should behave in emergency situations. It works perfectly well while offline. It earns via sponsored ads and offers in-app purchases.

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3. Real Racing 3

This game needs no introduction and has been on lists of fun offline games for a long time now.

Enjoy high-speed racing with beautiful graphics and accurate car models with great gameplay. This one has become a fan-favorite game for game enthusiasts and is being played by millions of people every day.

Some salient features of this game are 4000 different racing events, real tracks, P2P challenges, HD graphics, and a strong community.

4. 3D Pool Ball

The pool is one of the best offline games to play when bored, and this game just does it right. This game has a high number of players and some of the best graphics that we have seen on mobile pool games.

There are impressive animations and visuals, fun tournaments, the option to have the 2D or 3D view, rankings, and so much more.

The community of this offline game is also quite large, and you can easily see why it is one of the most popular offline games currently available. You can collaborate with any adept team of app developers in Bahrain or in Qatar to help you in your app journey.

5. Bike Race Free

Sometimes fun offline games do not need 3D visuals and heavy animations to enjoy, and this offline game title proves it quite well.

Have fun riding a bike through different terrains overcoming obstacles of all kinds, and performing stunts.

The more effort you put into this game, the more rewarding it becomes. The controls are quite easy to understand, and you can find yourself hooked to them in no time.

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Overall, it is certainly one of the best offline games in the racing category. You can also invest in this type of game due to its uprising potential in recent years. Any expert mobile app development company in Qatar can help you with that.

6. Game of Warriors

Strategy games are the best option when you are looking for offline games that can keep you engaged for hours. Game of Warriors is exactly a game of that nature, and more specifically, it comes under the Tower Defense genre.

Spend your time developing resources and towers to fend off hordes of enemies. The game provides a unique learning process that makes it more and more rewarding to play as you proceed in the game.

The multitude of options for heroes, territories, soldiers, and buildings with upgrades will engage you, all without any internet.

7.      Brothers in Arms 3

The fact that this is the third game in the series should automatically tell you about its success as an offline game. All three versions of this title are offline games, the only difference being the constant improvement in gameplay and visuals, along with the options you can enjoy.

The game is squad-based and has 3D graphics, which makes it quite enjoyable when you have no internet. You can choose multiple weapons, get rewarded for your performance, play multiple game modes, and do so much more.


Each of the titles shared here has earned its place in our list of games without the internet. They offer a ton of playability, are intuitive, and easy to get the hang of. Besides, these games can be played non-stop for as long as you want.

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