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AnimixPlay – Watch Anime Online in Ultra HD quality

AnimixPlay is presently one of the best websites to watch anime online for free. Here one can watch all the popular anime genres and titles with UHD quality. There’s also the availability of english subtitles and dubbing of the various episodes up on their site. One can enjoy all of these, on their site, without even needing to log in. Their website claims that they provide users with thousands of popular anime titles that trend in real-time.

Is It Safe And Legal To Use?  

Their website is absolutely safe to use, and one can watch anime at absolutely no extra cost. Presently there are many websites where one can watch anime for free on the internet, but most of them only provide very poor-quality copies. They also come with the added risk of malware and viruses in them. So, AnimixPlay is a safe space for anime streaming and where one gets to stream anime in Ultra High Definition quality as well. They also have fast loading times on their site and do not show any ads as well.

Watching anime on their site is legal only in the United States. According to the copyright attorneys, watching anime on their site does not violate their copyright law. However, if one is found downloading and distributing the content that is up on their site, then that would definitely be counted as a copyright violation.

Benefits Of The AnimixPlay Website  

Here are a few benefits of the AnimixPlay website:


  • Their website is absolutely safe to use, as they do not show any virus or malware ads to their users.

  • All of the anime content on their site is shown in very high resolution. Their site also features video quality settings that ensure that the users are getting the best possible streaming experience. Their website also claims that they provide faster video loading speed which is more efficient than all the similar sites available out there.

  • They offer hundreds of anime titles up on their site to watch from. They offer various genres on their site, like – OVA, ONA, Slice Of Life, Fantasy, and much more.

  • The supported devices where this site is supported are – Android, PCs, Tablets, iOS, and Android.

  • They have a very clean and easy User Interface that is always easy to navigate for everyone. One does not need to be a tech-savvy to navigate through their site.

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Their Interface  

When you open their site, you will be greeted with the top trending anime that stands at #1 on their homepage. After scrolling down, you will be greeted with the other ranking animes which are a part of the top 10 list.

There’s a search bar located on the top of the screen which makes searching for anime titles much more easier.

 You can enjoy the content up on their site for free as they do not require a user to sign up on their site (though you can voluntarily sign up for it and get added benefits like – the continue watching and also the bookmark feature).

There’s a sidebar that, upon being clicked, opens up a menu where you can sort out animes to watch by clicking on these categories – Most popular animes, Latest Update Anime, Top Currently Airing, Recently Added Anime, and their sitemap index.


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the platform of AnimixPlay:

  • Is AnimixPlay a trusted site?

A: AnimixPlay is a very safe and reliable site when compared to the others because it does not contain any form of malware advertisements and also enables the users to watch anime in super high definition.

  • Is it okay to watch anime on AnimixPlay?

A: Their website claims that it is legal to watch anime on their site (for people in the US region), but it is actually not legal as they provide unlicensed content. They do not have any license to prove that they hold distribution rights for anime titles that they host on their website.

  • Who runs AnimixPlay?

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A: AnimixPlay is developed by OSBURNHd. Hence they run the site as well.

  • Who actually owns the anime that we see?

A: Many anime fans like to think that the American publishers are the owner of those shows, but that is far from reality. They are always beholden to the Japanese licensors, who also are, in turn, beholden to the production committee.

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To Wrap It Up!  

If you are still pondering on whether or not to choose AnimixPlay’s service, then I would suggest that you definitely give it a go.

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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