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5 Unique Birthday Gifts for Plant Lovers

Every family has that one person who’s exceptionally fascinated with plants, perhaps because they were born with green thumbs. Or maybe because plants were a key component in their surroundings while growing up.  

When your plantsman relative or friend has their birthdays or other significant anniversaries, it’s only fair to help them mark the occasion in style. And the best way to go about that would be to shower them with a befitting gift.  

Below are the top five unique gifts every plant enthusiast would love.   

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1. Flowers

Flowers are generally associated with love and romance. But they can equally make an excellent gift for most people. And it doesn’t matter whether the recipient is an anthophilous (naturally loves flowers) or not.  

One of the best things about flower gifts is that there are multiple options at your disposal. You can choose from popular flowers like roses and daisies or exotic ones like tulips and periwinkles. The challenge is usually finding a reliable flower delivery service.  

Fortunately, reputable florists aren’t very difficult to find nowadays. If you’re based in Auchenflower or want to deliver a flower to someone nearby, you’ll never go wrong with Sarah’s Flowers.  

Sarah’s Flowers prides itself on offering flower delivery to Auchenflower and the entire city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The florist deals in various products, from dreamy pink lilies to uplifting sunflowers, charming roses, and classic fruit boxes.  

Sarah’s Flowers implements modern preservation solutions that ensure your flowers get to the recipient as fresh as they would be in nature. The florist also boasts fairly affordable rates, making them the go-to flower delivery service within Auchenflower and the greater Brisbane area.

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2. Planter Tray

A planter tray is a tray filled with soil or compost for planting seeds.  

Some trays only hold seedlings before they’re transplanted into a permanent growing space. Others support the plant throughout its growth phase. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose a tray for each purpose.  

Most planter trays are made from foldable plastic material. Foldability translates into portability, making such products especially suitable while moving homes.  

Planter trays include cells or holes holding the growing medium, such as soil or water. The cell size will depend on the size of the recipient’s plants.  

Another best practice when shopping for planter trays is to insist on wood or porous ceramic, such as terracotta. That’s because such materials tend to dry more evenly. 

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3. Plant Me Diary

Plant Me Diary is a thoughtful gift for plant fanciers who love to get their hands dirty every other day.  

As the name implies, a Plant Me Diary is a template where you record every plant growth stage. The gift can be an ingenious way to inculcate the culture of growing and nurturing plants in your kids.  

Plant Me Diary can vary depending on the recipient’s age and experience levels. Some are basic templates that simply track a plant’s major growth stages, such as the germination, seedling, and flowering phase. Others are more sophisticated and include intricate information, such as the equipment required for optimal plant growth.  

The best part is that Plant Me Diary is now readily available online. You simply download a template and customize it to suit the recipient’s needs.  

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4. Plant Stand

Plant stands are another fantastic gift for plant enthusiasts. These gifts allow your plant-loving friend or relative to display their green roommates for maximum visual appeal.  

Certain factors are key when choosing the right plant stand.  

For starters, you want a properly-sized stand. The stand should be large enough to accommodate all the plants the other person wishes to display while still small enough to adapt to their space. This implies that you must already know the number and size of plants your anthophilic friend is growing.  

Height and diameter are the significant aspects that constitute plant stand size. A taller stand would suit taller plants, while a wider diameter would be ideal for shorter but broad-stemmed plants. It’s also important to decide between single and multi-purpose plant stands and whether the stands are perfect for indoor or outdoor displays. 

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5. Plant-themed Art

Is the plant enthusiast in your life also an art lover? If yes, then you’d do well to gift them plant-themed art. Plant-themed art is a top recommendation for lovers who follow hectic schedules limiting their natural interactions with plants. Having them come home to a charming painting of lush greenery can be an intelligent way to reconnect them with Mother Nature.  

Now, you’ll need background information about the colors most appealing to your plant-loving friend or relative. This knowledge will come in handy in selecting a piece of art that suits their preferences.  

Alternatively, pick a gift based on their gender. Men are naturally awed by black, white, blue, and gray shades. On the other hand, women are more at home with red, pink, purple, and yellow. 

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Whether actively tending to a plant or passively supporting an environmental cause, plant lovers play an instrumental role in preserving Mother Nature. Therefore, they deserve recognition on their anniversaries. The above-listed gifts can be a thoughtful way to remind the plant lover in your life that they have a special place in your heart.