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5 Qualities Of Semi-automatic Pistols

Among the numerous firearms in the market, one of the most commonly used are pistols and handheld guns. Statistics indicate that there are about 72 million pistols in the United States. While there are a variety of models of semi-automatic pistols circulating the US market, the Walther P99 has gained popularity among numerous circles.  

It has become the standard issue for law enforcement and military personnel and is also often purchased by civilians interested in exploring exceptional handguns for their personal use. This article discusses five qualities of semi-automatic pistols, such as the Walther P99, that make them stand out. 

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  1. Ergonomics and Hand Feel


When buying a handgun, the first thing that many people consider is how the gun feels in hand. You might see them try out the gun’s weight by lifting it and shifting it from hand to hand to see whether it is comfortable to handle the gun. Many people who have tried the Walther P99 can affirm that the pistol has excellent ergonomics and hand feel. It has been specially designed to fit comfortably, securely, and firmly in the hand when in action, thus avoiding the likelihood of an accident arising from the gun slipping out of hand. 

Additionally, the various features of the gun, such as the trigger, hammer, slide release, and magazine, are easily accessible. When using the gun, you will notice how comfortable it is to release the safety, fire, and reload even during action. If the standard configuration of the Walther P99 is not suitable for you, you can switch out the backstrap for enhanced comfort. 

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  1. Ammunition Capacity


Ammunition capacity is a very critical aspect of consideration, especially for semi-automatic pistols. You do not want to purchase a pistol that doesn’t hold as many bullets as you need at any given time, as it can impede your effectiveness in action. Semi-automatic pistols like the Walther P99 have high ammunition capacities, increasing effectiveness in prolonged engagements, especially when firing at multiple targets. 

The Walther P99 has an ammunition capacity ranging between 10 to 16 rounds and differs between the caliber of pistol selected. The 9mm caliber version of the Walther P99 originally had a capacity for 16 rounds but was reduced to 15 rounds in newer models. On the other hand, the .40 S&W caliber model initially had a 12 rounds capacity, which was altered to 11 rounds in newer models. 

It is important to note that when considering what semi-automatic pistol to get, you need to balance the gun’s weight and its capacity. Remember, guns with higher ammunition capacity tend to be heavier than those with lower capacity.  

  1. Trigger


An important quality of semi-automatic pistols, and pistols in general, is the trigger mechanisms. The Walther P99 has an exceptional trigger mechanism for efficient and smooth firing. The double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger system facilitates safety and performance when in action. Before the first shot, the double-action mode is the default setting. The trigger pull weight in double-action mode is approximately 9 pounds, which requires more force. This mode helps avoid accidental shots or misfires. 

After firing the first shot, the Walther P99 switches into the single-action mode, which has a pull weight of about 4.5 pounds, half that of the double-action mode. In this mode, the force needed to fire a shot is lower, thus allowing for quick follow-up shots after the first one is fired. Further, the short trigger reset feature of the Walther P99 allows for even faster follow-up shots since the trigger doesn’t go to its default position before being fired again. 


  1. Durability and Reliability 


The Walter P99 is susceptible to wear and tear, as with all guns. However, what makes this gun stand out is its high durability. The manufacturing design of this semi-automatic pistol is intended to increase how it withstands heavy usage over time. For instance, the Walther P99 has a glass-reinforced polymer body, which helps it withstand harsh weather conditions and usage patterns while still being lightweight. Additionally, the barrel comes from reinforced steel with a corrosion-resistant finish. This means that the chances of deterioration arising from rust are significantly reduced.  

  1. Safety Qualities


According to statistics by the National Safety Council, at least 535 people die yearly from accidental firearm discharge. This accounts for 1% of firearm incidents in the country. While this may seem small, it is still quite concerning that all those people die from the unsafe handling of guns. The Walther P99 has excellent features that help facilitate the safe handling of semi-automatic pistols. For instance, the DA/SA system alongside the striker block safety mechanism prevents the likelihood of slight force discharging the firearm. One has to apply force for the firearm to discharge intentionally.  


Parting Shot

Hopefully, this article has clarified all you need to know about the qualities of semi-automatic pistols such as the Walther P99. Semi-automatic pistols are beneficial, making them quite popular among frequent users, civilians, and even law enforcement officers. In summary, the comfortable feel, ammunition capacity, trigger, durability, and safety contribute to how many people consider semi-automatic firearms such as the Walther P99 an optimum choice when considering which firearms to get for their armories.

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