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15 Ways to Secure VPS Hosting From Cyberattacks in India

15 Ways to Secure VPS Hosting From Cyberattacks in India

There are various website owners who are picking or moving their websites to cheap VPS hosting in India. This is because a virtual private server is the most competent web hosting solution that offers top-grade hosting benefits at the cheapest possible cost. It also enables you to acquire many hosting privileges that one obtains with dedicated server web hosting. Under virtual private server web hosting in India, you can easily surpass the hosting limitations & restraints of the shared web server. 

However, while hosting your website on a virtual private server, you can confront various security breaches. Thus, via this guide, we have highlighted the key practices implementing which you can ensure the complete protection of your VPS hosting in India. But before discussing anything further, let us first give you the insights into shortcomings of the virtual private server web hosting.  

Common Security Vulnerabilities of VPS India

Common Security Vulnerabilities of VPS India

Here are the most typical threats and shortcomings that you might face while hosting your website on a VPS server in India –

  • Malware 

Malware is invasive software that is deliberately devised to damage the system of computers as well as their OSs. It can take various forms such as viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. 

  • Sniffing attack

A sniffing attack refers to the invasion that occurs when a cybercriminal employs packet sniffers for intercepting & extracting data from a network.

  • Brute-force attack

Another attack your cheap VPS hosting in India can encounter is a brute-force attack involving an assailant who employs trial & error to speculate your server login credentials.

  • SQL injection 
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SQL injection is a threat that takes place when a cybercriminal attempts to acquire access to the database of your web hosting server by exploiting code in a web application.

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) 

Cross-site scripting (XSS) refers to a client-side attack. Under this attack, a cybercriminal tends to inject adversarial code into your website.

  • No function-level control

A no function-level control can be induced by a web hosting server when it does not verify the access rights adequately and tends to provide restricted users the root privileges.

15 Ways to Prevent Security Breaches in VPS Hosting India

15 Ways to Prevent Security Breaches in VPS Hosting India

Below-mentioned listed are the excellent ways to prevent your Cheap VPS India from all security threats. Let’s get a rapid glimpse at them! 

Inspect Your VPS India Web Hosting Security

You must ensure to analyze the security of your virtual private server. Your web host must provide robust data security measures with the support of resilient infrastructure and advanced technologies. 

Alter the Default SSH Port

If you make use of port 22 in order to access your VPS through an SSH connection, there is a high possibility of security threats like brute-force attacks. Thus, you must utilize a different port SSH. 

Disable Root Logins in your VPS India

Under your best VPS hosting in India, you must disable root logins in order to prevent hackers from acquiring the server’s full access control. You can also construct an alternative username to conduct root-level commands.

Utilize Strong Passwords

It is highly essential for you to set strong passwords employing a long string of numbers, lower & upper case letters, and special characters. Simple or straightforward passwords are easy to break and guess by cybercriminals. 

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Begin Utilizing SSH Keys

You must start employing SSH keys instead of a password. This helps you prevent your virtual private server from being the target of sniffing attacks.

Setup an Internal Firewall 

It is vital to filter HTTP traffic in order to provide access to only visitors with an authentic and good reputation. This can be easily done by setting up an Internet firewall (IP tables). 

Configure Your UFW Firewall

You must assure to enable a UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall). This serves as an extra layer for managing the inbound and outbound traffic of your system.  

Make use of SFTP Instead of FTP

The FTP connections do not possess comprehensive encryption. Utilizing SFTP helps you secure your FTP connection by fully encrypting all the data and credentials. 

Set Up Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban refers to software that enables the monitoring of system logs. Setting it up even lets you block cyberpunks who attempt multiple failed logins on your best VPS hosting India. 

Install an Antivirus

You must ensure to install an antivirus in addition to implementing a firewall. This helps you follow a security hardening practice and quarantine undesirable files.

Set Up a VPN for your VPS Hosting India

You must consider setting up a VPN for your virtual private server. This lets you route your website traffic via an encrypted tunnel and hide your real location.

Review Users Rights

In case there are multiple users on your virtual private server, you must take care of the rights distribution, You should set an access limit for every user to prevent server security issues. 

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Disable IPv6

When you keep IPv6 enabled, it exposes your VPS Hosting to security vulnerabilities in India. You may even wholly disable IPv6 if you are not utilizing it actively. 

Monitor Your Server Logs

You must consider monitoring your server logs. This helps you stay in control of what is going in and on your virtual private server. 

Keep Your Applications Up to Date

It is significant for you to ensure that your applications running with the best VPS hosting India remains up-to-date. This helps you avoid your server vulnerabilities. 


A VPS server India is a promising web hosting solution that lets you host your website with utmost ease and high efficiency. It enables your website to acquire high processing power and maximum uptime. Further, you must ensure to follow the practices or ways discussed in this guide to ensure the complete safety of your VPS Hosting India. 

Also, you must seek a web hosting company such as Hostbillo to make the best utilization of your virtual private server hosting. Moreover, Hostbillo is an industry-leading web host that offers cheap VPS hosting India with cutting-edge facilities and superior customer assistance. You may visit the official site of the company to gather details regarding the top-notch VPS hosting plans.