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11 Ways to Make Most of Invisalign Treatment

11 Ways to Make Most of Invisalign Treatment

Invisible braces or Invisalign is quite popular for restoring the dental appearance of the patients, who don’t like traditional braces at all. Invisalign treatment makes use of custom-made aligners with the help of advanced dental technology to straighten the teeth precisely over time.

As you know patient compliance is utmost essential to attain your goal on time progressing the treatment as expected, 11 ways are here to optimise its quality for you. Read on to know them and restore your beautiful smile in no time.

1. Put on the aligners for 22 hours a day

You may consume some time to become familiar with the removable aligner but it is really important! You have to put them into the mouth for long 22 hours per day removal is only acceptable at the time of brushing, drinking and eating.

Keeping them into the mouth for long 22 hours will ensure better fitting and cause no extension in its expected time frame to finish. Even as more as you keep the aligner into the mouth as comfortable you can stay with every new set in the sequence.

2. Maintain proper oral health

You should clean the mouth including teeth properly for removal of food particles stuck in between the teeth and Invisalign attachments. Otherwise, these will result in development of plaque and bacteria in the mouth putting your teeth at risk of decay.

Therefore, brushing is pivotal after each meal and you should floss daily for dislodging food particles trapped in the teeth. Always drink lots of water and refrain from the consumption of sticky and hard foods while undergoing the treatment, especially if you need invisalign attachments.

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3. Keep the aligner clean

Everyone with Invisalign should clean the aligner regularly and properly. You can follow these ways for its proper cleaning:

  • Use Invisalign Aligner Cleaning System that makes use of special crystals for removal of plaque from the aligners.
  • Clean the aligner using warm water and antibacterial soap
  • Use toothpaste for cleaning the aligner

Remember, the transparency can fade away if you don’t clean the aligner properly. Also, it can expose to foods and other stain inducing beverages which will make it cloudy and emit foul smell if food debris gets stick into it.

4. Use whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is highly efficient as it contains fluoride. Saliva doesn’t wash it away and the aligner retains it on the teeth surface for long.

5. Regulate your diet

Invisalign can affect the diet in several ways. Remember, you have just 2 hours for cleaning the teeth and having your foods so you need to abstain from frequent snacking. However, you need to have nutritious diet so that you don’t feel weak due to decrease in food intake. As the mouth will salivate excessively, you should drink plenty of water for prevention of dehydration.

6. Attach the Invisalign attachments

You may need to use Invisalign buttons or attachments as the part of the treatment. It involves small dots of teeth bonding material which you can attach to specific teeth. It serves as anchors giving better grip so that the aligner can adhere to the place perfectly and don’t slip off!

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Fortunately, these attachments are available in natural teeth colour making them less prominent to notice. But it can make a big difference to efficiency and quality of the treatment.

7. Replace the aligner in right time and order

Always stick to the instruction of the orthodontist if you are recommended to replace the aligner more frequently or to put it on for a couple of days more! In case, you switch the aligner without green signal of the orthodontist then you are causing hindrance to the progress of the treatment.

8. Always carry retainer case

If you pop out the aligner then store them in retainer case always. Otherwise, you can throw away or lose it accidentally. By carrying the retainer case along will safely and securely store the aligner. Also, you can easily find it out when the time comes to put them back into the mouth.

9. Put on Invisalign aligner chewies

These are spongy and small cushions which close the air gaps within the teeth and Invisalign aligner. These are made using Styrene Copolymer, soft plastic-like substance and you can avail these cylinder-shaped cushions in different flavours and colours.

Bite on them daily for 5-10 minutes to let the aligner sit snugly on the teeth. By this way it can exert gentle yet required amount of pressure so that they shift to their original position on time.

10. Go for IPR (if necessary)

Interproximal Reduction (IPR) is the additional process which addresses some most complex cases of orthodontic conditions. If you have crowded teeth which lack from space to move or shift then dentist will shed off a little amount of enamel from the teeth’s surface before Invisalign treatment.

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Alike Invisalign, it also makes use of computer modelling and digital scanning for determining the amount of space needs to shift the teeth and address the issue perfectly.

11. Put on the retainers once you finish the treatment

Obviously, everyone wants to finish the Invisalign treatment as early as possible but retainer is a must. This is so; because the teeth need time to settle down in the newly obtained possible and jawbone and soft tissue will support them.

Retainer is custom-made device dedicated for securing the teeth in the desirable place after you finish the straightening treatment. You should put on the retainers throughout the day and night depending on the treatment you receive.

Invisalign may not the ideal solution for overcrowded teeth but it is definitely an effective and discreet solution to fix minor alignment and biting issue. To know more about Invisalign cost in London and the treatment plan consult with your orthodontist right away. They will guide you through the entire plan and help to obtain a beautiful smile which you always dreamed off!